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 A technology-rich environment supports our learning goals

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects are important in themselves. And, beyond subject knowledge, STEM teaches critical thinking skills and instils a passion for innovation.

Garage Band

GarageBand allows pupils in Music to communicate and express their creativity through music. During remote learning, GarageBand allowed pupils to continue producing music whilst at home without the technology they would have in school. This example of a Year 8 composition shows how the iPad has redefined the music composition process, allowing for much greater originality and a deeper learning experience.

Stop Motion Movies

This clip shows a cross-curricular project between the Classics and IT departments. In this example, pupils created a stop motion video describing the story of Icarus. This project allowed the pupils to express learning creatively. We believe very much in giving personal choice and encourage our pupils to choose whichever apps they feel best for a given task.

Coding Club

Coding Club making the most of Python on the iPad to learn and practise the basics of coding. An excellent use of the iPad to support an extra-curricular activity, allowing pupils to be connected. and creative outside of the classroom. This technology is allowing pupils to experience brand new learning experiences, which they can build on and pursue further in their curriculum ICT and Computer Science classes.

Procreate in Art

Here, a Year 8 pupil is making use of Procreate, a creative application, to express herself as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. The app gives pupils a vast range of tools and layering to allow for artistic experimentation and creativity. This app provided very useful during remote learning when pupils did not have access to the artistic materials they would have in school.

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