Shakespeare Schools’ Festival

On Tuesday, around 30 pupils went to Leatherhead Theatre to perform our version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It was a very long and enjoyable day that was filled with rehearsals, make-up and performances.

If you didn’t already know, The Tempest is about the former Duke of Milan (Prospero) and his daughter (Miranda) who have been exiled to an enchanted island with beasts and fairies (Caliban and Ariel) a long time ago by his brother and the king. He is a magical man with control over the elements. One night when the king’s ship is near, he makes a storm that shipwrecks them. While the king’s son is on the island, he meets Miranda and falls in love.
Eventually, peace is restored and the happy couple get married.

In our representation of the story we had multiple people playing Caliban, Ariel and Miranda all representing their personalities.

There were four schools taking part in the festival in total, with the other schools performing Othello and two staging Macbeth. All of the schools performed amazingly. In conclusion, the day was amazing and a great inter-year team bonding experience and in the words of Miranda “divine”…

Auriêle, Y8

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