Sixth Form Centre Development

New and improved Sixth Form facilities coming soon!

We are delighted to announce a significant capital investment in our Sixth Form facilities, approved for completion in time for the new September 2022 Sixth Form intake. The exciting developments will see an expansion of the existing Sixth Form Centre to include a new common room and café, with new dedicated study, collaboration and social spaces to bridge the gap between Secondary School and University.

One of Mr Boyd’s priorities since starting as Head at Tormead, has been to look at Tormead’s current facilities, with a view to ensuring they remain of the highest quality for all pupils. On Wednesday 8 December, at the AGM of the Tormead Governing Board, the Governors approved a significant capital investment in Tormead’s Sixth Form facilities.

The completion of this project is scheduled for September 2022, with the bulk of the work scheduled for the summer holidays. The current Sixth Form area will be doubled in size to almost 700m2, providing a new common room and café, with dedicated study, collaboration, and social spaces, alongside other exciting facilities. The design will bridge the secondary school/ university divide by offering Tormead Sixth Form a more mature area of study and a qualitatively different experience to that of other divisions of the school.

Some of Tormead’s Year 11 pupils met with two companies at the end of last week, to help shape the proposals, and over the coming months, Tormead will be inviting more Lower Sixth and Year 11 pupils to join focus groups and presentations. Concept drawings are to be shared with the Tormead Community and new joiners of the Sixth Form in September 2022, so that they can be kept informed as their new Sixth Form study space evolves over the coming months.

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