6th Form High Ashurst trip

We started our trip with a short walk through the Surrey Hills – which was a great opportunity to get to know the rest of our groups, which were a mix of Lower and Upper Sixth, and some of the members of staff – although it was quite muddy! When we arrived, we began our first activity; orienteering and codebreaking. During this task we tested our map reading skills as well as our teamwork when breaking codes. By being divided into smaller groups, it gave us the opportunity to bond with the members of our team, which was encouraged by a friendly competition. After this we had lunch, luckily we were able to do this outside in the warm sunshine.

Next we moved onto some more physical activities, high-ropes and climbing. During high-ropes we were all encouraged by our peers to attempt the leap of faith, and tested our teamwork on the Jacob’s ladder. The entire team helped to support those climbing, both physically and emotionally! Even the teachers joined us as we faced our fear of heights. Climbing tested our physical strength, with the support of our team shouting encouragement and directions. Although we had to face the rain, this was an exciting activity for us all and was enjoyed thoroughly.

For dinner we had a hearty meal of spaghetti bolognaise and brownies, which was perfect after a long day of activity. We were allocated our tepees, which gave us the chance to develop both old and new friendships, as we set up our camps. As the sun began to set, we collected wood from the forest for our campfire. Then we gathered around the campfire, told stories and sang songs, until it was time for bed.

After a cold, but restful, night we headed to breakfast where we enjoyed a filling full English breakfast with cereal and yoghurt. We made our orders for lunch, and then headed out to begin our activities for the day. As the leap of faith had been so popular the day before, we were given the opportunity to have a go if we hadn’t already. The rest of the groups took part in a team-building set of challenges. First, we completed a blindfold challenge which forced us to trust our partners and helped us to develop our  friendships within the team. We then moved on to a larger challenge course, which included many challenges in which we had to work together to get the entire team to the next stage. From jumping on a rope swing, to balancing a bridge, we stretched ourselves to our limits. We realised how essential it was to have the ideas and support from our teammates in order to complete the course. This really helped to get the whole team involved.

Lastly we had lunch, which was freshly prepared by the High Ashurst staff, and then we headed back to the coaches, through the very sunny forest. We reflected on the trip with our group and the new friends we had made. It is safe to say that we all had a great time on the trip!

All of the Sixth Form are incredibly grateful to our form tutors and Mrs Parker-Yeates for making this trip possible.

Izzy & Eilidh, Lower Sixth

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