Year 11 were invited to experience a Taster Day in the Sixth Form on 4 November as part of their enrichment programme.

The day began with an introduction from new head of Sixth Form, Mrs Parker-Yeates, who highlighted to them that this was a chance for them to feel like Sixth Formers and have the chance to experience the freedom of post-16 education.

The students had the opportunity to wear their own clothes, use the large and varied Sixth Form study areas and most importantly, to try some of the lessons they do not currently study at GCSE. This led to busy Economics, Business, Politics and Psychology classes – sometimes with over 25 in a lesson. Although this did not represent Tormead’s small class sizes, it did give students the opportunity to experience new subjects and also what lesson classes may be like in a less personalised environment. Students also had the chance to try studying more well-known subjects as an A-Level subject to gain a grasp of the ‘step up’ which faces all emerging Year 12 students in their first few weeks.

The students also had the chance to have full use of the fantastic Sixth Form Centre for their ‘study periods’ and many enjoyed the various spaces, particularly the muted booths and lounge areas.

The Year 11s also had a rare opportunity to speak to the current Year 12s during a Q&A session, with the Year 12s answering questions based on their recent experiences of adjusting to Sixth Form life. As one Year 12 put it: telling them what they ‘really need to know’. The session highlighted what a positive experience the current Year 12s have had as they have moved into Sixth Form life and it was great to give the Year 11s and 12s the chance to ask and answer freely as young adults and the community they will soon become.

The fantastic positive feedback from the Year 11s highlights the importance of having such days available to our students:

‘It was great, I really felt that I fitted in.’

‘It has been a fun day – I loved the psychology lesson – so interesting.’

‘I love this space!’

We hope that all the Year 11s had a great day and we very much look forward to welcoming them into the close, supportive Sixth Form community next year.

Cerian Parker-Yeates, Head of Sixth Form

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