Life Beyond Tormead

The Sixth Form is a time to build on all your experiences to date – to think, to plan and to prepare for life after school. We take our responsibility very seriously and in addition to the academic and extra-curricular elements of the Sixth Form, we also offer four key advantages:

Careers and Professional Development

Careers guidance is carefully planned in the Sixth Form to support pupils and parents alike. The world of work presents many challenges and the building blocks for success start here so that Tormead girls are highly sought after and valued.


Horizons is a rolling, two-year enhancement programme of lectures that takes place weekly during the Autumn and Spring Terms and is designed to widen the girls’ knowledge of important issues and debates, helping them with topics that may be discussed at their university interviews as well as introducing them to university style lectures.

Speakers have included: Ann Milton, Guildford MP; Sean Attwood, ex-prisoner and drug taker; Kara Cauter from PMG; Rick Findler, a young war photographer; Kelly Smith from The Global Poverty Project; Robin Elias from ITN News, as well as Emma Cole who presented a moving lecture on living with HIV.

Sixth Sense

A unique weekly package of lectures, discussion groups, seminars, classes and sessions is Tormead’s response to the changing requirements of the world of work and 21st century life.¬†Topics covered include: time management, bullying in the work place, project management skills, sexual health and relationships, voting and democracy, as well as interview skills.

Symposium and EPQ

Symposium is an extended project undertaken by all Lower Sixth students, alongside their formal studies. In a nutshell we believe that Symposium gives the girls a significant edge in the UCAS process – in an interview, once they arrive at university and in the world of work. Furthermore, because the style of work needed for Symposium more closely matches higher education than A Level, we believe that Symposium also helps the girls reach a better understanding of whether university is in fact right for them.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is also available.