Sixth Form Subjects

The Sixth Form at Tormead provides purpose-built teaching rooms, a spacious common room and dedicated study areas.

The curriculum offers a wide range of A Level courses, which (subject to demand) can be combined to suit the individual student. Wherever possible, each subject is taught by two members of staff, giving different perspectives on the subject. This more adult approach provides a stimulating atmosphere for academic learning.

A Levels are linear so assessment of knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years. Most girls select four subjects to be studied in the Sixth Form. Girls will then opt to take an AS examination in one of these four, and cease study of that subject at the end of the Lower Sixth. The other three subjects will be continued into the Upper Sixth year and be examined as full A Levels at the end of the Sixth Form.

This is the most suitable route for the majority of girls. It provides a strong academic profile for University application and gives girls the flexibility to start with a wider range of subjects. The decision as to which subject is to be taken as an AS Level is made in February of the Lower Sixth year. It is possible to continue all four subjects to A Level in cases where it would be beneficial to do so.

An alternative route of study is for girls to support their three A Level grades with an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), instead of taking a fourth subject at AS Level. The EPQ demonstrates and accredits a particular set of skills in undertaking extended, focused academic research. Some girls may feel that this qualification is more suited to their needs, either in learning style or for the academic profile that they wish to display in their UCAS applications.

Girls who opt to study three A Levels and an AS Level will also have the opportunity to undertake a piece of extended academic research through the Tormead Symposium. Their Symposium project will provide them with many of the same skills and experiences as an EPQ, without the final accreditation. It does, however, provide greater freedom of choice of subject matter, and project structure and direction, than the EPQ.

The following courses are available, subject to demand and timetabling considerations, though others may be available if syllabus and timetable constraints allow. All special requests must be discussed with the Head.