Spanish Speed Debating at Reed’s School

On Thursday 24 November, students in Lower and Upper Sixth studying Spanish went to Reed’s School to participate in speed debating. This exciting and beneficial experience gave us the opportunity to practise our Spanish and talk to others about recent topics that we have been studying. The format of the afternoon meant that we would spend two minutes talking to one student about an issue that we were given, before swapping partners. The topics for debate ranged from: ‘How the role of women has changed in Hispanic society’ to ‘How idols are influencing society in Latin America’. We had the chance to talk to students not only from Reeds but also St Catherine’s and RGS. It was a great chance to interact with new people who are studying the same course as us. A big thank you to Mrs Moodie, Ms La Rocca and Ms Lee for organising and taking us on the trip, it was a fantastic afternoon and opportunity to practise our Spanish.

Amy & Lily, Year 12

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