Last Friday, Tormead made the trip to RGS Senior School and competed in a quiz – sorry CWIZZ – all about books. The teams competing were:

Tormead A: Florence, Jia, Lucy & Lottie
Tormead B: Jess, Perri-Jane, Georgina & Lucy

There were five rounds in the CWIZZ overall and 13 different schools competed, each bringing two teams. The schools included: RGS, GHS and Surbiton High among many others. Each round focused on a different literary field and after each round, a published author read an extract from their latest novel. After their reading, they would then ask a question and a copy of their text was up for grabs.

The theme for Round 1 was ‘Red’ and the author Mo O’Hara spoke about her book Agent Anonymoose with a copy of her book won by a pupil for guessing the speed of a moose. In Round 2 which was all about animals, the author Cath Howe spoke about her new book My Life on Fire and a copy of her book was given to a pupil for the winning name of an obsessive thief. For Round 3: Under the cover, teams were given a book cover and had to guess the book. Alice Hemming spoke about her book Thirteenth Vampire and one lucky pupil won a copy of her book for guessing the 1897 novel, Dracula.

After a short break we moved onto Round 4: Sidekicks and Side characters. The author Margaret Bateson-Hill spoke about her book First Flight and a copy of her book was given to the pupil who could name a famous clock. In Round 5: Book Gardens, the author Lucy Reynolds spoke about her book We Are Family and a copy of her book was given to a pupil for being able to name a baby Pangolin.

There was also a lottery of books where each pupil was given a raffle ticket and if their number was called, they won a prize. During the raffle, Tormead was very successful! The prizes varied from notebooks and pens to a range of different books. There were also opportunities to buy books from Haselmere Books which were then signed by the visiting writers. Jess, Perri-Jane and Lucy all won prizes! Not only that but our name was drawn for an author’s visit.

The final results saw the Tormead A team as the winners with 45/50 points, winning the overall trophy. A huge congratulations to Tormead B who did extremely well too. The trophy is brand new! But we do need to wait for the CWIZZ company to engrave our names on the shield. Once we get it back, it will be proudly displayed at Tormead. We will most definitely be back next year to defend our title.

Jia, Y7

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