The Comedy of Errors

A fantastic night of entertainment – welcoming parents, family & friends to Tormead’s first ‘live-audience’ production in two years

Well, you were promised an evening of mirth and much merriment and the cast and crew of ‘The Comedy of Errors’ delivered it by the bucketload!

After two years of streaming so many Tormead performances online to parents, family & friends – it was such a delight to have live audiences back into school.

Set in a cabaret bar, there was an impressive array of songs performed beautifully by Mrs Guy’s House Band, ‘The Tempests’ – a real treat for an appreciative audience – sitting round large tables full of tasty nibbles and beverages. We enjoyed performances of iconic songs, such as ‘Me and My Shadow’, ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ performed by renowned singers Juliet Romeo, Ophelia De’Ville and Lady Emilia and the Singing Abbesses.

With lots of action taking place in and around the audience, it was a really wonderful experience overall and the plot was genuinely funny but easy to follow, despite the various complications surrounding two sets of identical twins separated at birth, who end up in the same town, at the same time, on the same day!

The acting was superb with some delightful comic timing as the constant cases of mistaken identity led to confusion, hysteria and more often than not, gratuitous violence. With so many entrances and exits, the cast must have been exhausted by the final show (especially the twin Dromios who must have run a marathon each night!) but you would not have realised this by their performances which were full of character, energy and flair.

It was wonderful to have live, sell-out audiences back at Tormead to celebrate a school production again and the talented cast should feel very proud of themselves – their energy, physicality and vocal delivery was all magnificent. As Balthasar stated in Act 3, Scene 1, ‘small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast’ and this production was just that – a perfect way to see in the Easter holidays. 

Well done to all those involved – it was a real triumph.

With more photos available to view on the Senior School Instagram page:

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