The EU referendum: Stay or Leave?

As part of the Beacon Enrichment Programme, the girls had the opportunity to debate whether Britain should leave the EU today. Leading the discussion, Mr Julian Sykes, our Government specialist, gave us an insight into the political impact for both the UK and Europe. Our new Bursar, Miss Helen Davies, delivered her thoughts on the Economic implications for the UK based on her prior financial experience gained in ‘the City’. Mrs Cathy Williams, Head of Economics, described the global economic implications and Mr John Coles, resident Geographer,  outlined the interlinking human geographical issues. The questions asked by the audience were as follows:

  1. Who decided to have an EU Referendum in Britain? Why?- Isabella -Y7.
  1. If we leave, will there be lots of change?- Lucy, Y7.
  1. Which is worse for the economy, remaining or leaving?- Elise, Y7.
  1. What types of law does Brussels and the EU control and dictate to Great Britain?- Millie, Y10.
  1. How will it affect us as children and teenagers?- Isobel , Y8.

A lively debate followed and the girls will have the opportunity to vote in our Tormead EU referendum on Thursday 23 June. For more detailed information on the latest Economic Tweets about the Referendum, please click here.

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