The Sixth Form embrace World Book Day

World Book Day was 21 years old this year!  One of its main aims is to encourage everyone, and in particular young people, to discover the pleasure of reading.

Our World Book Day Assembly started with a parade – in the senior school, it has become a tradition for our Sixth Form to come dressed as book characters. The rest of the school enjoyed trying to work out who was joining us from the world of books – and subsequently had the opportunity to enter our competition to see if they were right.

At the assembly, we launched our new challenge for all – Tormead Reading Bingo! We heard from ten members of staff who had already read a book for the Bingo challenge. They told us about the books they chose and which category they fitted into. The girls have been challenged to choose a book that fits one of the categories in the Bingo squares, read it, and then come and get their card stamped and choose another book. If they are short of ideas, there are numerous displays in the Library to help them choose. Every time they complete a line of four books, there will be a small prize. We are waiting to see how many people will complete the ultimate target of reading 16 books by the end of the summer term!

Where next?