Tormead Celebrates Black History Month

During October, Tormead marked Black History Month with a competition asking girls from all year groups to design their own miniature museum, celebrating African history, art and culture. Pupils were asked to explore the online ‘Africa’ galleries at the British Museum as a starting point, and to choose a particular theme, geographical area and period for their exhibition. As an additional challenge, girls have been asked to consider the ethical debate surrounding ownership of items in the British Museum collection. We look forward to seeing the girls work and announcing the winners!

In addition, the school has run a number of events, including an Upper School Clayton Academic Society seminar, run by Vivienne and Sana in Upper Sixth, on the question ‘Should the school curriculum be ‘decolonised’, and how?’. This event was well-attended and provoked some lively discussion.

Our Whole School assembly for Black History Month was on the theme of race relations in Bristol, and can be viewed below.

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