Former Head Girl

What do you enjoy most about sports and music at Tormead?  

“The wide variety I’ve been able to take part in, and especially the team spirit and camaraderie in my hockey team.

Tormead is

“A friendly community that helps you to be your best. ”

Advice for the first day?

“Try to be confident and get involved…remember everyone will be nervous but if you talk to as many people as possible and get to know them, you’ll make brilliant friends and it won’t seem so scary!” 

Memorable moments?

Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition – it was a huge challenge but so much fun.” 

What did you miss most during lockdown?

“The little conversations with teachers and friends in and in-between lessons.” 

Future ambitions?

“To study medicine and go on to be a doctor, but starting with a gap year to travel and teach sailing.

What will you remember most about Tormead?

“The people…the teachers who have helped me, and especially the incredible friends I’ve made.”

Where next?

Staff and Governors