Sixth Former

Tormead is

An inclusive community focused on achieving the best from each student while continuously supporting you.”

Tell us about the sport and music provision

“The Music Department encourages and supports musicians of all abilities and any instrument. Meanwhile, there’s a real sense of community across year groups within every sports team.”

Advice for new girls?

“Get involved in loads of clubs which will help you meet students from different year groups so you’ll make friends really quickly.”

Memorable moments?

“Lunchtime dance parties in the common room.”

What did you miss most during lockdown?

“Interacting with my classmates because that makes learning fun and memorable.” 

Career ambition?

“Medicine – which I hope to practise around the world.”

What will you always remember about your school days?

 “Our group sense of pride at how hard we worked and what we achieved.”

Where next?

Staff and Governors