Jody Price

Reception teacher

Reception at Tormead is

“Where girls have freedom to develop interests and explore possibilities.”

What should parents know?

“We pride ourselves on knowing each girl exceptionally well to assess their needs. Therefore, pastoral care is at the forefront. Our curriculum is exciting and stimulating, encouraging independent and curious learners. The girls also enjoy their own garden.”

What do you most enjoy about working with the youngest girls?

“Welcoming girls to their first school experience – watching them progress towards Year 1. Girls approach everything with fun and playfulness so we can be spontaneous and creative!”

Advice for parents?

“Happy girls learn best within a safe all-girls environment where they can express themselves confidently.”

What makes you most proud about working here?

“Seeing articulate, polite, kind and respectful girls – and being in a dedicated and passionate team.”

 Memorable moment?

“Watching Reception girls in their first Nativity – always special!” 

Where next?

Staff and Governors