Sixth Former & Head Girl

What do you enjoy most about sports and music at Tormead?  

“That I can do both! I’ve been involved in chamber choir, netball A team and athletics.”

Tormead is

“An open, supportive environment to explore who you are.”

Advice for the first day?

“Pretend you’re confident. Although scary (for me), you start conversations, meet as many people as possible and nerves soon go.” 

Memorable moments?

“Year 10 Barcelona trip – I made so many new friends.” 

What did you miss most during lockdown?

“Seeing both teachers and friends… It made me realise how much I missed those small daily interactions.” 

Future ambitions?

“Studying natural sciences and then hopefully a career in the general area of medical science and human relations, maybe nursing or working for a charity like The Red Cross or Médecins Sans Frontières.”

What will you remember most about Tormead?

“Friends… Being an all-girls’ school means you can be open and honest which helps form incredible friendships.”

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