Marie Langlet

Assistant Head: Wellbeing, Lead DSL

What’s the overall approach of the Languages Department?

“We’re passionate about different cultures and traditions. We teach French, German and Spanish in our curriculum and are keen to broaden pupils’ horizons and skills.”

How do you achieve this?

“At every opportunity, we celebrate other languages and traditions. One of our biggest events is Languages Week – when the girls themselves teach other pupils some Mandarin or Arabic perhaps. We also dress in traditional outfits from across the world and bake!”

What do you most enjoy about your role?

“Working with ambitious and caring young people, I hope to inspire and ignite a curiosity which might become a real interest.”

How does working at Tormead compare to your French background?

“My French school was very different because teachers usually taught academic subjects but little more. At Tormead, I much prefer being part of a young person’s wider learning.”

What makes you most proud about working here?

“The Tormead community – this school’s soul is made of everyone’s personality, skills, talents and interests, which we celebrate every day.”

Memorable moments?

“Residential trips to France, Spain and Germany, of course – plus expeditions to Vietnam and Nepal.”