Emily Small


Tormead is

Warm, happy, welcoming – where everyone is passionate about what they do and has a voice that’s heard.”

First impressions?

“Everyone had a big smile and seemed genuinely happy to be there.” 

Advice for new girls?

“Try and talk to everyone, seize every opportunity, don’t be afraid to try something new, and remember everyone is there to help.” 

Favourite subject? 

“Psychology – Mr Wilkinson has a unique ability to captivate the class.”

Memorable moment?

“A massive disco during ‘muckup’ day – loud, crowded and lots of bad dancing!”

What did you miss most during lockdown?

“Realising how much the little things that happen in lessons help you learn, how seeing your friends can make your day so much brighter.”

Career ambition?

“Broadcast journalism (TV/radio presenter)” 

What will you always remember about your school days?

“The laughter…” 

Where next?

Staff and Governors