Nicki Fry

Head of Prep

What distinguishes Tormead from other schools?

“At the heart of every decision made at Tormead, the wellbeing and happiness of your daughter will be paramount.”

Which aspects are most attractive to prospective parents?

“A warm inviting family atmosphere where pupils’ social and emotional development, and wellbeing, are as highly valued as outstanding academic attainment – your daughter can flourish, make mistakes and learn to grow by stepping out of her comfort zone. We encourage girls to question, debate and express themselves but, most importantly, think for themselves. Finally, kindness is a highly valued trait here and is celebrated.”

Main benefits of a Tormead education… 

“Research shows that girls perform better in all-girl educational settings – so we’re dedicated to teaching to the preferred learning style of the girls. We focus on a growth mindset (even from a very young age) with a ‘can do’ attitude, which builds confidence and resilience, enabling every girl to achieve her full potential. Not to mention our small class sizes, inspirational specialist teaching and so many exciting and fun extra-curricular activities!”

What have you achieved as Head (so far)?

“Introducing a Future Women Leader ethos, changing the curriculum and timetable to optimise learning opportunities, and introducing more modern foreign languages beginning in Pre-Prep.”

Describe the atmosphere of the school… 

“A vibrant and dynamic atmosphere buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm (pupils and staff!) We are a tight knit and supportive family community.”

What’s the nicest thing you’ve heard a parent say about Tormead?

“You made it easy for us to choose Tormead as the school that would bring opportunities, challenge, friendship and, above all, happiness to our daughter’s life.”

And from a pupil?

“You’ve always made school feel like home.”

What has been your proudest moment as Head here (so far)?

“Leading the school during lockdown when faced by many challenges supported by our fabulous Prep School team who remained true to the Tormead ethos and gave above and beyond.”

Where next?

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