Robin Ewbank

Assistant Head of Sixth Form | Head of Art

What are the strengths of the Art Department?

“Fostering individuality and a broad spectrum of ideas, techniques and approaches in the artwork created. We steer away from a ‘house style’ and play to individual strengths.” 

What do you most enjoy about your role?

“Aside from educational content, I’ve always seen school as a place where students learn about themselves, their place in the world and how to interact with others successfully and positively. I really enjoy the strong sense of community that holds us all together.”

Tell us about your experiences as a Tormead parent

“Having my daughter passing through the school was wonderful as I directly contributed to her education. She made many friends at Tormead who she’s still in close contact with.”  

What makes you most proud about working here?

The girls’ achievements… Seeing confidence grow and helping them overcome obstacles gives me a sense of pride.”

Memorable moment?

“Returning to Tormead after a four year break – having worked here for 16 years before, it felt like coming ‘home’…”