Tony Breslin

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Ambitions for Tormead Sixth Form? 

“As we continue expanding, we’re developing our enrichment offering as driven by students’ own interests. And we’ll continue to achieve outstanding academic results.”

Qualities that Tormead girls possess when leaving Year 13? 

 “Hardworking, inquisitive, open-minded, confident, self-aware…”

Best parts of your role? 

“Getting to know the students and setting them up to succeed beyond Tormead. Teaching history means enabling students to think critically about global developments.”

What does Beacon add? 

“A chance to explore academic challenge without fear of failure – learning for learning’s sake. And to discover something new, different and challenging…”

Describe your teaching style

“Eclectic, supportive, passionate, knowledgeable…”

 Memorable moment? 

“House Fashion and Dance at Christmas – the entire atmosphere is a magical festivity of ingenuity, creativity and fun. I ALWAYS look forward to the special Christmas ‘performance’ from teachers, including myself!”

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