Tormead & RGS Year 8 Study Day

On Friday 8th September the Year 8s from Tormead and RGS collaborated together to form a project in mixed groups. The 8billionideas company came to talk to us about a sustainable future, highlighting aspects from materials to energy usage, before putting us into assigned groups to work on ideas for a sustainable city. We had to choose a name, an aspect of sustainability to focus on, and come up with a plan. Some names included “The Sun City”, “Electrocity”, “Greenhaven” and more. Multiple ideas of sustainability in cities included the usage of solar panels, zip wires with trampolines underneath, wind turbines, bioluminescent plants, algae, the list goes on …..

Afterwards, we were tasked with building a “high profile prototype”, which we spent the next few hours doing. We had to source materials ourselves to build a model of what we thought would be a sustainable city. The girls and boys alike enjoyed themselves under the watchful eyes of the instructors, and it was a memorable day for both RGS and Tormead pupils.

Layla, Year 8

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