A 21st century home ground for Tormead Sport

We learned yesterday that our appeal against Guildford Borough Council’s decision to deny planning permission for our development of the Urnfield sports ground, has been allowed by the Planning Inspectorate. 

We are delighted at this news and the prospect of moving forward with the construction of a 21st century sports ground, and a ‘home ground’ for Tormead Sport for the first time in our school’s history. This decision will bring huge benefits to the pupils of Tormead, our partners at Guildford County School and the wider community of Guildford.

On behalf of the Governing Board and myself, I want to offer our sincere thanks to the hundreds of parents who wrote in support of the project, to both the Planning Inspectorate over the summer, and GBC, during the first stage of the planning process. I would also like to pay tribute to those colleagues at Tormead and Guildford County School, and our planning team, who have worked so hard over the last few months to prepare our appeal and get us to this point. 

David Boyd (Head) 

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