Tormead’s Remote Learning Success

Since early January, Tormead remote learning has started anew, but with the addition of live lessons and on-camera student-teacher interaction.

Making the best of a challenging situation, Tormead swung into action at the start of the Spring Term, after the recent closure of UK schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Utilising a combination of live video lessons and interactive education workflow apps, girls have been attending both academic lessons and pastoral sessions with interest, engaging with their learning as much as they would in school.

While maintaining high-quality academic and pastoral provision, the school’s remote working procedures adapted to fit the girls’ learning needs. Based upon blended learning practices used on an ad hoc basis during the Autumn Term for isolating bubbles, the remote learning provision has developed to focus almost 100% on the ‘live’ element.

“I feel a huge sense of pride in how well colleagues and pupils have pivoted to remote learning so quickly and successfully. Reports from teachers, parents and girls indicate that our online provision, with large portions of it being delivered live, over video link, is allowing learning, assemblies and pastoral sessions, to carry on, despite this period of school closure,” said Head, David Boyd. “Whether it is a Maths quiz, a Zumba PE lesson, Art Club or a one-to-one chat with a Form Tutor, the interactive element has helped to keep Tormead’s community together.”

Snapshots of the success can be viewed on the Tormead Twitter account, with the hashtag #TormeadTogether. The very many smiles on the girls’ faces are further evidence of the resilience and positive spirit as they embrace remote learning!

Prep School Remote Learning

“The live component to the teaching has given them motivation and independence. We have appreciated the nudge teachers have been giving girls to not print everything and to not ask parents for help. Overall the Tormead spirit has been replicated online, at a time when it’s truly needed.”

Mark & Rachel Rowland, daughters in Year 3 and Year 5

Senior School Remote Learning

“I’m really impressed with the way Tormead has implemented online learning. My daughters are always busy during lesson times, with plenty of opportunity to engage with their peers as well as the teacher during the lessons. I feel very reassured about the level of attention and focus the girls get within the lesson, and I think the use of cameras to engage and monitor the children has been a good addition. All the teachers seem to have embraced the technology and adapted to it well.”

Keiron & Charlotte Scrutton, daughters in Year 9 and Year 11

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