Visit to University of Surrey Law School

On Wednesday afternoon a group of Sixth Formers visited the Law School at the University of Surrey to take part in two mock trials and a debate on human rights. We excitedly arrived at the Court of the Future, a purpose-built court room in the School of Law, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Three groups of Law students had designed interactive sessions to give us an insight into how a law court functions and how the law is used to defend and prosecute. During the first mock trial we were the jury for a criminal case, acted out by the first group of Law students, and we ultimately found the accused guilty. We were immersed in a coercive control case during the second mock trial, taking it in turns to act the parts of prosecutor, defence, jury and witness, using scripts written by the Law students. Finally, we were taken on a tour of the Human Rights Act, the UN’s 2030 Agenda and whether impactful activism is in line with human rights today. We participated in a very lively debate on whether there was a breach of human rights when 120 protesters traveling on a coach to Gloucestershire to protest against the Iraq War were sent home in 2003 by the police, under the suspicion of intent to protest violently. It was a fascinating experience, and we came away more knowledgeable about and engaged with the UK justice system.

Fiona Thie, Careers Advisor

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