Walking to support “Because I am a girl”

Last week in PE lessons, Years 7 – 13 walked or ran a circuit for 15 minutes and their prize was: a drink of water!

The activity was part of a fundraising effort for Plan UK’s ‘Because I’m A Girl’ campaign, which aims to help four million girls to stay in education and fulfil their potential. Plan is a global children’s charity involved in helping children build a better future.

By walking and running for water, our girls were able to understand the distance that some girls have to travel in order to get water, and the consequences this chore can have on girls’ lives, such as not being able to attend school. Participation in the walking and running PE lessons created much enthusiasm amongst Tormead girls, and as one Sixth Former put it, ‘I really enjoyed that event!’

In addition, the school has been busy raising additional funds for the ‘Because I’m A Girl’ campaign.

This Friday 18th October, in conjunction with International Languages Week, the girls are encouraged to donate £1 and come to school dressed in clothes that express their national identity or a country with which they have a close association. In this way, the money Tormead girls raise will go towards helping other girls to stay in education, while simultaneously celebrating the different world cultures represented in our school.

We are very proud to be taking part in fundraising for this very worthy cause, and are equally impressed by the way our girls have embraced supporting this charity.

Because I am a girl Because I am a girl Because I am a girl Because I am a girl

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