West Surrey Schools’ Sustainability Partnership Day Sustainability Partnership Day

As A Level Economics students, Zaara and I were invited to represent Tormead at the West Surrey Schools’ Sustainability Partnership Day. The day consisted of a tour of the Zero Carbon Guildford space, an interactive workshop about the principles of ‘doughnut economics’ and a lecture on how we can alter our behaviour towards the environment going forward, as well as a chance to hear (and take inspiration from!) what others schools are doing in terms of their eco actions. Doughnut economics is a radical new model of global economics, pioneered by Professor Kate Raworth, that aims to make sure that communities can thrive on life’s essentials whilst ensuring that collectively we do not exceed our pressure on Earth’s life-supporting systems.

It was a great opportunity to collaborate with pupils from other local schools and come up with innovative and sustainable ideas on how to make our respective schools take more environmentally conscious actions and impact society as individuals. We both thoroughly enjoyed our day – thank you to ZERO for organising this event!

Lauren, Year 12

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