Why Choose Tormead

“Where girls are the players, not the audience.”

What do Claudia Parsons, Sandi Toksvig, Clare Foges, Terry Stiastny all have in common? They all went to an all girls’ school – Tormead in fact.

At Tormead, our girls don’t just enjoy equal opportunities, they enjoy ALL opportunities. We believe there should be no limitations to their ambitions, professional or personal.

The girls here today will be the leaders of tomorrow and being in an all girls’ school is a wonderful environment for them to learn not just how to shoulder responsibility, but also how to take risks and inspire and lead others. It’s a great preparation for life beyond school.

There is no gender stereotyping. They are free to pursue and achieve in every subject. Whether our girls go straight into employment or continue their studies at university or college, we prepare them with the knowledge and with the resilience and confidence to break free from such stereotyping.

We open our girls’ eyes to possibilities and help them to take the practical and imaginative steps necessary to achieve their ambitions.

Whatever she wants to be – aeronautical engineer, musician, doctor, retail manager, RAF pilot, fashion designer – it’s our aim to support and guide her.

This is why we are so proud to belong to the Girls’ School Association.