Work Experience – Electronic Arts

Last week I had the opportunity to work at Electronic Arts as part of the school’s designated work experience days. Over the two days I gained experience in the global marketing team which is responsible for working with social media influencers for the video game ‘The Sims’.

On my first day I was introduced to some of the team in Guildford, and learnt about The Sims brand identity and values. Also, I had the opportunity to sit in on calls with the international team for EA Brand Management and Marketing. This gave me insights into the different issues and perspectives from other countries, and how the team work together. It was really interesting to see how marketing works on a global scale.

On the second day I was given my own project. I had to conduct my own research into different content creators and influencers on social media platforms and identify those I thought would work well with The Sims and its brand. It was fascinating to understand the criteria which need to be considered to select an influencer. At the end of the day, I was asked to present my findings including potential creators and marketing ideas for these creators to use, which was really fun.

Overall, my work experience gave me both a positive introduction to the world of marketing, a glimpse of office life, and allowed me to use my own creativity in my project.

Emma, Year 12

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