Work Experience – Stevens-Bolton

During the two days set out for work experience for students in Year 11 and Lower Sixth I went to the Guildford based law firm, Stevens-Bolton. On arrival, I met Jenny who was the solicitor ‘hosting’ me at the firm. I was set up with a company laptop and even got an employee badge to get around the building. As a partner in the corporate seat, Jenny was able to involve me in numerous meetings and zoom calls where I was able to get first-hand experience of what being a practising lawyer might look like. The two days went by super quickly as I met more people in the firm who were all incredibly helpful in answering any of my numerous questions; the firm even set up a meeting for me with their HR team and recruiting ‘agents’. The work experience of those few days helped solidify my choice to study law at university whilst also guiding me to some more specific courses at university.

Nia, Year 12

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