Year 11 Continue Tradition of Achieving Superb Results

In a year of change, Tormead’s (I)GCSE cohort continued the tradition of achieving superb results. With a mixture of letters and numbers and no direct correlation at all the levels, comparisons – not to mention reliable data – are difficult. However, following previous years, the trends are very clear. Nearly 40% of girls gained all A*-A and 9-7, with over 60% securing 8 or more top grades and 4 out of every 5 grades in the top band of A*-7.

Headmistress Christina Foord praised the girls’ determination and resilience to perform at their best regardless of the numerous changes they faced: “The Year 11s are a focused, energetic group who thrive on challenge and grasp opportunities. They deserve these very fine results and we are looking forward with real excitement to all they will bring to the Sixth Form.”

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