Year 6 Concert

Another five star performance from Tormead Prep

On Wednesday, the girls of Year 6 presented their last concert as members of the Prep School, before moving-up to Year 7 in September. Set on the stage the Senior School’s ‘JCS Performing Arts Building’, they treated us to a wonderful selection of solo, ensemble and singing performances.

The Year 6 Orchestra opened the concert with a rendition of the theme from ‘Jupiter’ from Holst’s ‘Planets Suite’.

This was followed by 34 solo items ranging from pop and rock vocals and drum kit to violin, cello, flute, clarinet, French horn and piano.

Whether instrumental beginners or higher grade and even diploma standard, the girls all performed with confidence and poise.

The concert finale saw every girl in Year 6 on stage singing together the beautiful 2-part song ‘Stars’ by Lin Marsh. 

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