Year 7 trip to Willersley Castle

“Willersley Castle was a great residential to bond and meet more new people. The instructors were fun, the food was amazing, and of course, the activities. My favourite activity was the blind trail because we had to get into partners and then one person had to put on a blindfold (you could see absolutely nothing through it!) and then the other person had to guide the ‘blind’ person round trees, tunnels and slides. What made it more fun was that my group got to do it in the evening and even the person guiding you could not see!”

Amaara, Year 7

“I really liked all the activities, but if I had to choose one, I would choose kayaking. I chose kayaking because all the instructors were very nice and taught us how to kayak, and it was really thrilling to be on the water. There were quite a few splashes! The rooms were very nice. You could have from 3-8 people in your room. It was really fun although you might not have got much sleep in my dorm!”

Summer, Year 7

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