Year 8 Dragons’ Den Challenge

The Year 8 students took part in an all-day Dragons’ Den Challenge on 30 June, which saw them designing and making bath bombs, recyclable or reusable packaging and pitching their business to a panel of Dragons (aka Mr Boyd, Mr Breslin, Miss Stevens and Mr Braun). Our theme was ‘zero-waste’ as we learned about the purpose of stores which sell refillable products and are passionate about sustainability. Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled (15% is collected for recycling but 40% of that is disposed of as residues). Another 19% is incinerated, 50% ends up in landfill and 22% evades waste management systems and goes into uncontrolled dumpsites, is burned in open pits or ends up in terrestrial or aquatic environments, especially in poorer countries (OECD 2022).

We were blown away by the creativity and business acumen shown, along with fantastic teamwork and collaboration mixed in with fun and laughter. Tools such as a ‘listening bottle’ and spinning ‘choosing wheel’ ensured that team members felt heard, and that roles were fairly assigned.

In the end, ‘Dusk to Dawn’ won with their beautifully designed logo, clever packaging and divine smelling bath bombs. A £5 LUSH voucher is winging its way to each of the winning team members.

Mrs Thie, Careers Advisor

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