Head Girl Team

Meet our Head Girl team

Our Head Girl team are elected annually and serve from March to December. They play an essential role within the school community, acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching body, as well as organising and supporting school events. They are ideal role models for our pupils and represent the very best of Tormead School.


Head Girl

Hi, I’m Emilia! I joined Tormead in Year 4, so have attended school here for just under a decade.

I am studying Economics, Government & Politics and Psychology, alongside Mathematical Studies and am planning to study Business Management at university. Throughout the years I have taken part in many of the varied extra-curricula activities that Tormead has to offer, with my personal favourites including Debate Club for which we have had both internal and external debates, LAMDA and many of the house events – especially House Fashion. Through the school, I’ve also participated in an Investment Banking competition and am a Student Advocate for the Financial Times from which I have learned so much. I am currently working towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, something which I am very proud of.

As Head Girl, I hope to expand both the sense of community and confidence that Tormead has at its core, ensuring that everyone knows that there is always someone to reach out to, whether that is through the wellbeing hub or having a friendly face in the older students who are always happy to help. I feel that the confidence that comes from having a strong support network of people that have experienced life at Tormead to look up to is key to developing this confidence and is always reassuring. One way in which I look to do this is by leading Clayton Society for the lower school – a lunchtime club that promotes academic participation and enrichment, for which everyone is welcome, where we discuss everything from topical issues to fundamental questions.

One of Tormead’s strength is the greater sense of awareness and compassion that we develop, through playing a part within our wider community. In Sixth Form, we have Sixth Sense sessions, during which we volunteer. So far, I really have enjoyed volunteering at a local nursery and experiencing just how excited the children are to see us each time we visit is so endearing! As a Head Girl Team, we have planned to further this involvement with the wider community by setting up a donation point for clothes to be donated to a clothes bank – something that I look forward to establishing.

Throughout my time at Tormead, I have had the opportunity to not only grow as an individual, becoming more confident in asserting my voice, but also to develop the strongest of friendships that I hope to always hold dear to my heart.


Head Girl

HI, I’m Nia and I joined Tormead more recently than you might expect, arriving in year 10.

Being at Tormead for these three years has helped me develop so many of my own interests – such as new styles of dance, hockey and art. The school environment enables you to achieve what you might not have tried otherwise. That is part of the reason why this year, I want to introduce to Tormead, the availability of exciting military co-curriculum activities for the girls who could enjoy it but aren’t even aware it existed!

I believe that one of our school’s greatest strengths is our student body’s unity. As a late joiner to Tormead, I relied heavily on the help of the girls to introduce me to the school; this is where I first discovered the sense of community we have to offer. House Events embody this and have always been one of my favourite parts of the year. This year, I am looking forward to taking a more active role with my House, which I believe will help me connect with girls in younger years and help make this year’s team even more approachable.

My experience at Tormead so far has been amazing, and I can’t wait to continue it for these final terms with such an amazing team.


Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Lily and I joined Tormead in Year 6. I study English, Spanish, Drama and an EPQ, with the ambition to study Hispanic Studies at university. I am incredibly excited to be part of such an amazing team this year and to get to know everyone throughout the school even better!

I have always felt the close sense of community that Tormead has. I love seeing the camaraderie in the many aspects of Tormead life, whether that be in the House events, music groups, school productions or sport teams. Now, in my new role, I hope to do whatever I can to further strengthen that community.

In keeping with the theme of community, I’d really like pupils from all years to feel they can have an even greater voice in the school, and for us to help them bring their wonderful ideas to life. To help us achieve this, we are looking to assign a Head Girl Team member to each year group. I believe this initiative will be a great opportunity for us to get to know the other members of our community better as well as providing them with a chance to be heard.

In addition, we are planning to introduce a half-termly podcast which will give an insight into daily school life featuring both pupils and teachers.

I think I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say that Tormead has provided us with a safe and nurturing environment in which to thrive and make lasting friendships. I’m really looking forward to working with a wonderful team over the next year to continue to make Tormead the special place it is.



Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Anna and I am currently studying History, Spanish and Psychology at A Level. Having joined Tormead in Year 7 I have seen many generations of Head Girls and every year I have admired each one of them and the impact that they have had on our school community. 

As Deputy Head Girl, I am delighted that I now have the opportunity to continue their legacy, serving as the encouraging role model that I have looked up to for so many years. 

The motivating and uplifting environment is incredibly unique to Tormead, these qualities are ever illustrated in our termly house competitions. House Fashion and Dance is one of my favourite events of the year! As well as focusing on my studies and extra-curricular activities, I also enjoy figure skating, acting and skiing.

As Deputy Head Girl, I hope to work with the team to enhance collaboration internally as well as externally.  We aim to strengthen our sense of community through various academic enhancement schemes. Tormead has enabled me to explore and develop invaluable skills that will remain with me for a lifetime and I look forward to collaborating with the fellow members of the Head Girl Team and senior staff to have a positive influence on our school.


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