The wonderful world of STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects are important in themselves. And, beyond subject knowledge, STEM teaches critical thinking skills and instils a passion for innovation.

“It’s never been more important, ever, in the history of the world.”

That’s what Sir David Attenborough’s told the BBC about the importance of teaching Biology.

Here at Tormead, we’re proud of our STEM provision in each of these key subjects:


Biology holds a prominent position among the subjects favoured by students at Tormead. With a focus on cultivating a deep appreciation for the natural world and fostering inspiration, our biology curriculum delves into the captivating web of relationships and interactions that thrive among animals, plants, and microorganisms. 


Chemistry is crucial for comprehending the natural and man-made world. It aids in overcoming societal challenges and has a global impact, improving human health, preserving resources, and addressing climate change. Practical sessions at Tormead foster transferable skills like teamwork and problem-solving.


Physics is the fundamental science that studies the behaviour and interactions of objects in the physical world, from sub-atomic particles to the universe’s largest structures. Its analytical power underpins modern technologies. Physics also offers pathways to technology-based university courses and careers in fields like astrophysics and materials science. 

Computer science

Computer Science empowers our students to actively engage in an ever-growing technologically reliant society. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, it equips them with the essential skills required for careers spanning the entire spectrum of the IT industry.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology revolves around the art of problem-solving, focusing on how technology and design can be harnessed to meet identified needs in our surroundings. The subject primarily centres on the process of designing and creating, with a specific emphasis on product design. At Tormead, we offer exceptional facilities, including 3D printing, to support and enhance the learning experience in this field.


Mathematics fosters problem-solving, analytical thinking, and logical reasoning. It encompasses topics that find practical applications in real-life scenarios and establishes direct connections with other subjects and topics. With a focus on essential algebraic, numeric, and geometric skills, our curriculum encourages students to relish the intellectual challenges presented by mathematics.

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