The wonderful world of STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects are important in themselves. And, beyond subject knowledge, STEM teaches critical thinking skills and instils a passion for innovation.

“It’s never been more important, ever, in the history of the world.”

That’s what Sir David Attenborough’s told the BBC about the importance of teaching Biology.

Here at Tormead, we’re proud of our STEM provision in each of these key subjects:


Biology is one of our most popular subjects studied at Tormead. Teaching the girls to love our natural world and be inspired by it, Biology focuses on the fascinating relationships and interactions that exist between animals, plants and microorganisms.


Chemistry is central to our understanding of the natural and man-made world. Many of the challenges facing our society will be overcome with the help of chemical scientists. Chemistry has a global impact in finding solutions which improve human health, preserve energy and natural resources, and help to combat climate change. Practical sessions form a large part of our teaching at all levels and girls gain a wide range of transferable skills, from team-working to practical problem-solving. We encourage girls to get involved in competitions and challenges throughout their school career.


Physics is the fundamental science which enables us to understand the physical world – from the largest structures in the universe to the smallest subatomic particles. The amazing analytical and predictive power of Physics underpins almost all the technologies which enable our modern way of life.

Computer science

Computer Science allows students to participate fully in an increasingly technologically dependent society. Combining theoretical study and practical application, it teaches the skills that would be needed for careers across the whole spectrum of the IT industry.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is about solving problems: how can we use technology and design to address needs that we identify around us? The subject now centres on the design and making process and specifically covers the area of product design. Our excellent provision includes 3D printing facilities.


Mathematics encourages us to problem-solve, analyse arguments and reason logically. Many of the topics studied have applications in real life, as well as direct links to other subjects and topics. With a strong emphasis on essential algebraic, numeric and geometric skills, girls are encouraged to enjoy the intellectual challenge of mathematics.

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