Into Sixth Form

Moving up to our Sixth Form – and deciding which A Levels to study – is undoubtedly an important moment for your daughter.

That’s why we deliver such a thorough process to help her make the very best choices:

  • At Home with the Sixth Form (taking place in June of Year 10) is an opportunity for your daughter to find out more and hear of the experiences and aspirations of girls who have gone before her and start to dream of her own journey.
  • An optional but valuable tool is the Morrisby Profile, a sophisticated piece of psychometric profiling, based on a series of computer exercises done at home. The subsequent report presents areas of strength and matching possible career areas and subjects, alongside access to wide-ranging supporting information.
  • Throughout Year 11, we run careers lessons which discuss A Level choice, factors to consider, and resources; followed by in-depth preparation for the workplaces of today and tomorrow.
  • The Sixth Form Curriculum Evening (held in October) offers you and your daughter a perfect opportunity to discuss subject choices with subject teachers and mentors as well as our range of Sixth Form extra-curricular and super-curricular programmes.
  • “Appointments” are an opportunity for your daughter to discuss her options with the Head of Sixth Form on an individual basis.
  • Sessions for New Subjects. We offer four new subjects in the Sixth Form – so this is an opportunity for your daughter to find out more.
  • Taster Lessons – enabling your daughter to experience first-hand what it means to study a subject at A Level.

“My door is always open to discuss aspirations, research a range of opportunities and connect them to our fabulous network of professional parents and alumnae. Collaborating with our students during one-to-one coaching sessions to uncover their future selves and witness them realising their potential is a huge privilege.”

Fiona Thie, Head of Careers

“The transition to Sixth Form is about new opportunities and a more mature relationship with your teachers. You’ll study subjects that you love, in greater depth, with experienced staff who share your fascination with academic discovery. There’ll be an exciting range of unique extra-curricular opportunities which we urge you to try – you’ll be surprised at the new skills and knowledge you develop.” 

Julian Sykes, Head of University Admissions

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