The teaching of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is an intrinsic part of daily life and teaching at Tormead Preparatory School. 

The skills involved in the delivery of a curriculum enriched by the inclusion of STEM subjects are those taught every day due to our delivery of a curriculum rich in growth mindset language and skills. 

Thus, in preparing girls for a future rich in variety and opportunities, including preparing them for jobs that do not yet exist, we deliver a curriculum that encourages the  High Performance Learning skills of collaboration, resilience, perseverance, risk-taking, flexible thinking and creativity. The latter- creativity- is the reason why we say that we deliver STEAM, rather than STEM. STEAM incorporates the Arts into a philosophy of teaching that is centred on an inquiry- based approach to learning. Just as knowledge and understanding do not work as separate entities, the Arts do not exist separately from Science and Technology.

We deliver a curriculum that encourages the High Performance Learning skills of collaboration, resilience, perseverance, risk-taking, flexible thinking and creativity.

A cross-curricular approach to planning and delivering the curriculum ensures that the girls are given multiple opportunities to apply their understanding of their learning to investigation -based learning.  Visits to museums, visiting speakers, a range of school clubs, such as coding, art, Lego and Science clubs, develop and extend the opportunities for girls to make links between the classroom and the real world. This inter-disciplinary approach to learning well equips girls for a world where the ability to think critically and to evaluate information is of paramount importance.  

In addition, each year, the whole school takes part in Inquisitor Week, where the emphasis is on developing engineering skills, incorporating their understanding of Science and Maths knowledge. Past Inquisitor weeks have seen the girls break out of escape rooms, build bridges and Ferris wheels using bamboo sticks, learn circus tricks and make structures using spaghetti and marshmallows.  

The girls thoroughly enjoy the challenge set by these activities and are whole-hearted in their energy and enthusiasm as they drive themselves to complete the tasks. The days are even more fun as the girls work in their House teams within their year groups. 

At Tormead Prep we aim to teach the girls that education is not just for school; possibly the most important outcome of this inquiry -based learning approach is the love and enthusiasm of learning that it fosters in our girls- one that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

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