Academic Enrichment

Our Academic Enrichment provision continues to grow in the Sixth Form where we expect the Girls to lead by example and take control of their own learning.

The Sixth Form buzzes with curiosity, intrigue and passion about the latest issues of the day – and we want to encourage our girls to stand up and be counted.

Beacon Pathways

Sixth Formers can explore their manifold interests in life beyond school, with options from technology and medicine to ecology or just plain fun. Each Pathway has its own mission statement and has no limit, crossing subjects, careers and academic interests. Previous topics have included Life in the GDR and National Poetry Day.

Beacon Events

Sixth Formers are invited to lead Beacon MiniTalks and Briefings, offering them a chance to both lecture on their passions and lead discussions. Students have formally run mock elections, briefings on Brexit and Identity Politics, while others have led 100+ students on language tasters in Arabic, Russian and Mandarin.

Where next?

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