Care & Compassion

At Tormead, we fundamentally believe that girls can only be successful when they are happy.

That’s why pastoral care is the cornerstone of our provision as we strive to ensure that each and every girl is supported to feel fulfilled, safe and secure within our community.

Our approach to pastoral care focuses upon strong and positive relationships between pupils and staff, as well as an open partnership with parents.

The relatively small size of our school also makes a difference: each girl is visible and well-known as the individual she is.

Wellbeing is at the core of everyone’s journey, both on a personal and academic front. We aim to help girls fulfil their potential and ambitions while equipping them with tools to navigate choppy waters – as we recognise growing up isn’t simple.

Marie Langlet, Assistant Head: Wellbeing

The Sixth Form team – comprising of two Directors of Sixth Form, one Pastoral and one Academic, along with an experienced group of Sixth Form Tutors – is responsible for the welfare of the girls and are available before, during and after school. We operate an open-door policy and the team have a great deal of experience in working with Sixth Formers. Every girl benefits from regular one-to-one chats with the Sixth Form team to discuss any matters of concern. 

Our Wellbeing Centre

School Nurse (the Health Care Lead), a Counsellor and a Pupil Support Officer, together, they provide support in response to specific needs.

  • Our Counsellor is available for a free and confidential counselling service; each girl has access to a number of sessions each academic year
  • Our School Nurse is available every day to respond to acute and chronic medical problems
  • Our Pupil Support Officer is available throughout the day as a listening ear for any girl experiencing upset or difficulty

My sessions empower the individual to take responsibility and exercise their autonomy in finding their own internal wisdom. I help students see they have choices and have the capacity to make wise decisions. Creating an ‘in here’ safe space is also important and the counselling room offers time to press ‘pause’.

Verity Vinen, School Counsellor

Sixth Sense is a programme of talks and workshops to help prepare the girls for life beyond Tormead. This is mainly delivered by Tormead staff but occasionally outside speakers are invited to contribute. This initiative encourages discussions relating to mental health and topics such as sexuality and identity. It is a popular forum for inspiring debate beyond the classroom.

Horizons is a weekly lecture series delivered by a wide range of outside speakers. The line-up changes each year but in recent sessions we have had a speaker who discussed how he overcame a serious drug addiction, another told of his experiences since being paralysed from the chest down and another outlined her life after severe facial burns. These talks allow the girls to observe resilience and perseverance with the opportunity to ask questions and enhance their empathy and listening skills.

Where next?

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