Healthy Eating

School meals have evolved over the years to become much more nutritious and healthy. After all, good nutrition is very important for the girls’ academic performance – because healthy meals affect all aspects of our lives. 

Our nutritionists look over the menus each term to check that we have the right amounts of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates in our dishes.

Our lunch menu includes a main course, a vegetarian dish and a vegan dish – plus a pasta or jacket potato option. We also offer a dessert, fruit, yoghurt or jelly.

Everything is locally sourced and we always cater for any allergies, religious requirements and other culinary needs.

The girls particularly love pizza, lasagne, meatballs and roast dinners – as well as our salad bar and desserts, too.

On a personal level, I enjoy thinking of new menu ideas. Above all, I have a passion for providing nutritious home-cooked meals.

 —Christie Tames, Tormead Chef Manager

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