How do we provide outstanding pastoral care for your daughter?

We are passionate about creating a warm and supportive environment where the wellbeing of our community members (girls, teachers, support staff and parents) is at the very heart of everything we do. We nurture the Tormead values of respect, tolerance and inclusivity and our girls develop good friendships because kindness is at the core of our pastoral success in our very close-knit community.

Tormead Prep’s pastoral care is second to none.

Tormead Prep is a safe learning environment where the girls feel happy and comfortable. The Form Teachers are friendly and approachable and provide the outstanding pastoral care your daughter requires over the year. They will be your contact point should you need to discuss the emotional wellbeing of your child in addition to her academic progress. The Form Teachers aim to develop a strong partnership with you through parent meetings and consultations and together you will connect as a team to support your daughter as she journeys through the academic year. 

We know that children can find navigating friendships tricky and errors will be made. Just as in any family, there will be times where the girls may require help from an adult. Here at Tormead Prep, we take the time to mentor and guide the girls with their friendships through teaching and encouraging them to learn from their mistakes. Teachers will discuss and model how to make the correct choices in the future.

Specialist Support Team

We are fortunate to have specialist pastoral staff at Tormead. Our School Nurses, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) and School Counsellors can support our Prep School girls should the need ever arise.

‘The Sparkly Jar of Fabulousness’ originated through an idea to keep families connected during the first lockdown. There was a need to recognise and celebrate successes and achievements made at home such as being thoughtful and kind to family members or learning to bake bread, as well as marking academic, artistic and sporting success. On their return to school, the girls were eager to continue with this Friday Assembly feature and thus a tradition of nominating members of the Tormead Family in the ‘Sparkly Jar of Fabulousness’ has been born.

Kindness and care outside the Tormead Prep community

We are keen to ensure that the girls are thoughtful to others in our wider community. Our House Captains organise events to raise money for different charities over the year. We are proud to have connected with Age UK Surrey and continue to work to support the Guildford Foodbank. We want our girls to have empathy and to have understanding of issues in the real world be that locally or globally.

Where next?


Wrap-around Care