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Fitness Suite
Summer 2021

Tormead has announced an exciting development for the Sports Hall: a new Fitness Suite to be unveiled in summer 2021.

Designed to support Tormead athletes through a specialised strength and conditioning facility, the Fitness Suite will be launched in the second half of the Summer Term, with full access from September 2021. The range of equipment will include:

  • Refurbished fitness suite with professional gym flooring and lifting platforms
  • An updated collection of cardio equipment, including four new spinning bikes and a Raze Renegade Air Bike
  • Two new power racks, complete with Olympic barbells, adjustable benches and 200kg in plates
  • Raze Women’s sports bars and associated sports plates
  • Two integrated cable machines, a dedicated lateral pulldown machine, as well as dip bars and TRX bands
  • Addition of a new dumbbell rack, ranging from 2-15kg
  • Specialist strength and conditioning equipment, such as a range of Plyo boxes, Kettlebells, Slam balls and Medicine Balls
  • New resistance bands and exercise mats

“The impressive new Fitness Suite will provide access to a state-of-the-art gym for both girls and staff to use over the years to come. It is the latest in a series of development plans for our school, designed to ensure Tormead continues to provide a 21st Century educational experience to its girls.”

—David Boyd, Head

Sports Facilities Development Project at Urn Field

Tormead’s ambitious plans for the Urn Field sports ground are now being considered by local planning authorities.

This exciting new project will secure Tormead’s sporting future by giving our school a ‘home ground’ close to our site, doing away with the need for hiring Astroturf pitches at Surrey Sports Park and the bus journeys to get there.

The new sporting home for Tormead will provide facilities for hockey, cricket, football and athletics, as well as open the door for rugby to develop as a new sport option. Developed in close collaboration with Guildford County School, the project would see a whole-scale improvement of the site. Architectural 3D drawings of the facilities can be viewed below. When complete, the Urn Field sports ground will comprise:

  • a floodlit artificial hockey pitch with a 6-lane, all weather running track;
  • two football and one rugby pitch;
  • two cricket squares, including a new artificial one, and relocated cricket nets;
  • improvements to the ‘John Lewis Sports Pavilion’ including an extension to the viewing balcony;
  • new javelin, discuss, shot put and long jump areas;
  • a new store building and additional on-site car parking.

“This is an excellent project, not only for Tormead, but for our partners Guildford County School and the other community sports clubs, who will be able to use the site’s facilities when they are not engaged for school sport. Thank you to those who have already taken the time to contribute supportive public comments on the Guildford council planning portal.”

—David Boyd, Head

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