University Destinations

Every year, virtually all our Upper Sixth achieve their first-choice university places.

Approximately 10% of our students apply to Oxford/Cambridge, with others choosing a range of Russell Group universities, as well as specialist colleges for Art, Music and Drama. Others have chosen apprenticeships, such as one in engineering, helping to design ejector seats for fighter-jets.

We are extremely proud of the fact that for the past five years, Tormeadians have been awarded national Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and old Tormeadians are currently working at McLaren, Dyson, Mercedes, helping to design the London Underground, one who is firmly committed to joining a future Martian expedition, and the list could go on.

But that is not to say that Tormead women are limited to one area of expertise. CEOs, Set Designers, Lawyers, Costume Designers, Doctors, Researchers, Authors, Journalists and the Premier League’s first female commentator are all counted amongst our old girls.

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