Academic Enrichment

The Beacon Programme

Designed to expose girls to topics beyond the normal curriculum, provide them with intellectual challenges and the opportunity to develop their ideas:

  • Beacon Adventures are subject-based courses, building on the knowledge learnt in class but developing their interests with new diverse topics from extinction, poetry and particle accelerators.
  • Beacon Pathways have no limit, crossing subjects, careers and academic interests. Recent topics include Terraforming Mars, Covid and Immunology, LGTBQ+ History Month and creative writing.
  • Beacon Portfolios are an invitation for students to create their own portfolio of evidence continuing to promote academic challenges.
  • Beacon Challenges stimulate girls’ thinking, ignite her curiosity and nurture a love of learning. Challenges have included campaigns to fight the extinction of the White Rhino.
  • Beacon Demos use our Independent Study period to ‘demonstrate’ a more practical element in their subject – such as the Geography department creating its own hurricane!

The Clayton Academic Scholars’ Programme

The Clayton Academic Scholars’ Programme includes all girls awarded an Academic Scholarship in the Senior School (this includes All-Rounder awards). Our belief is that scholarship is much more than attainment alone. We aim to nurture and encourage not only intellectual confidence and pride in their achievement but also a willingness to contribute to academic life beyond the classroom.

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