Performing Arts


All Tormead Prep and Pre-Prep girls participate in music lessons with specialist teachers from Reception to Year 6.

Extra-curricular music at Tormead Prep is lively and flourishing and involves pupils from across the whole age range of the school working together. We offer a wide range of opportunities in which all girls are encouraged to participate at a level appropriate to her ability.

  • Curriculum Music Lessons
    • Singing
    • Composing
    • Listening
    • Percussion
    • Music Reading
    • Violin Class (Year 2 ONLY)
    • Recorders (from Year 3)
    • Ukuleles (from Year 3)
  • Extra-curricular Music
    • Choir (Years 1 and 2)
    • Choir (Years 3 to 6)
    • Chamber Choir (Years 5 to 6 only)
    • Training Orchestra
    • Orchestra
    • KS1 Recorder Club
    • KS2 Recorder Ensemble
    • String Ensemble
    • Prep Jazz Band
    • Ukulele Club

Individual Music Lessons and M-Tech

Individual instrumental tuition is available from Year 1 onwards on a wide choice of instruments.

M:Tech is a group instrumental lesson (6 pupils maximum) teaching creative composition digitally with a clear graded learning curve.

We aim for all girls to be musically literate

Music performance plays a very important part in the lives of Tormead Prep School girls and the joy of being able to share music with others is something very special. Whilst many of our girls become highly accomplished musicians, we aim for all girls to be musically literate and provide a range of performance opportunities.

  • Prep Performances
    • Informal Autumn class concert for Prep and Pre-Prep
    • Christmas Carol Concerts for Prep
    • The Nativity performance for Pre-Prep
    • A formal Spring Concert for Prep
    • Informal Summer class concert Prep and Pre-Prep
    • House Music Competition for Prep and Pre-Prep
    • Godalming Festival Competition Prep


All Tormead Prep and Pre-Prep girls enjoy drama lessons within the curriculum. Lessons encourage girls to be imaginative and to think and act creatively, to explore and to speak, listen and respond to each other. We aim to develop the life-long skills of self-confidence, enquiry, empathy and collaboration. In curriculum drama, all the girls can become involved in the process where they make decisions and shape their own work.

Performance is an important part of drama and all girls from Reception to Year 6 ‘trip the light fantastic’ each term in class assemblies and in the annual House poetry event. The girls are also given the opportunity to be part of a performance/production with the following opportunities throughout the year groups:

  • Performances
    • KS1 Nativity
    • KS2 Carol Service – readings
    • Year 3 Play
    • Year 4 Play
    • KS1 Summer Production
    • Year 6 Summer Production

We actively incorporate visiting theatre groups and external visits to theatre productions in our calendar thus providing our girls with a love of the performing arts.

Drama clubs and LAMDA lessons

All pupils are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills and extra-curricular drama clubs are available to girls in Prep and Pre-Prep.

The London Academy of Music, Drama and Art (LAMDA) is a prestigious organisation, which provides training for the performing arts. Girls from Years 3 to 6 can undertake weekly tuition in communication and performance and work towards attaining qualifications at the end of each year.

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