The Department’s Offer

We encourage the development of career management skills from Lower School onwards. These include learning about the world of work, making personalised plans, being proactive and flexible, seeking out challenges and building a supportive network. A robust careers education programme is delivered through curriculum PSHE lessons, careers events and experiences, and one-to-one appointments available throughout the academic year.

Work Experience

All Year 11s and Year 12s are expected to undertake work experience. This is a brilliant opportunity to explore potential career interests and gain much needed experience for UCAS or Degree Apprenticeship applications. Extensive support is provided for sourcing placements, writing CVs and attending interviews. We work closely with our wonderful parent and alumnae community to identify unique and valuable opportunities.

Employability Skills

Co-curricular activities and the Tormead Enrichment Programme help develop key employability skills and enhance and contextualise subject knowledge. These include 3D Printing Club, Astronomy Club, Creative Writing Club, Chemistry Club, Curator Magazine, Dissection Club, Drama Club, Forensics Society, GAIN Investment Fund Challenge, KYTOS Genetics Club and Biology speaker series, Language Club, MED:SEM, Musical Theatre Club, Special Effects Club, STEM competitions, Tormead Young Apprentice, the 10X Challenge; not to mention a huge range of music ensembles and sports clubs.

Encounters with Employers

Professionals from the parent and alumnae community are invited in to share their career experiences and must-have tips for success. Our popular annual Networking Event, provides an opportunity for students to learn about different career paths and professions. Students are empowered to approach professionals in a safe, familiar environment, providing a taster of what it means to network and increasing their independence and confidence.

We have links with the National Theatre and other performing arts professionals who visit Tormead to impart advice and run workshops on how to successfully record self-tape auditions. In 2021 four Tormead students were successful at their National Theatre auditions.

Speakers are invited into Year 10 assemblies and Sixth Form Career Conversations to spark imagination about the range of possibilities for the future, break down stereotypes and contextualise learning by linking it to the world of work.

Encounters with Higher Education

Our links with the University of Surrey includes a visit to The Court of the Future in the Law School to watch mock trials and debate human rights. Students from the Vet School visit Tormead to impart their experience, knowledge, and expertise to budding Veterinary Science students. Each department organises subject specific talks through our Enrichment Programme.

Beyond Tormead

Our Careers Advisor works with the Head of University Admissions to advise on course and university choice and writing personal statements. Our UCAS Days and Beyond Tormead events provide robust information and advice to students and parents through our links with degree apprenticeship providers, the University of Surrey, gap year providers and employers. Other informative talks and training are delivered to the Sixth Form during Sixth Sense sessions.

Oxbridge Application Support Programme

Students applying to Oxbridge receive a dedicated support programme from our Oxbridge Application Coordinators, beginning in Year 10. Tormead provides an intensive mock interview programme with the support of professionals and experienced Oxbridge alumnae.

The Department’s Year Group Careers Provision

  • YEAR 7

    We encourage curiosity about the world of work via the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition during PSHE lessons, where groups investigate the huge range of careers on offer and create an engaging advert for that role in any format they like. This exciting competition generates high energy and a wealth of creativity.

  • YEAR 8

    We consider what the future world of work may look like, what skills will be crucial to success, and what jobs may exist that do not currently. We discuss what success means and how it might be different for everyone.

    The students participate in a day-long STEM Challenge delivered by the charity Surrey SATRO, which develops their team working, problem solving, communication and creativity skills.

    The Tormead Young Apprentice Challenge, which encourages the development of enterprise skills, team working and entrepreneurial thinking, is a firm favourite each year.

    In 2021 a team from Tormead successfully won the annual AWS IoS App Challenge, delivered by the IT curriculum team. For their winning entry they designed an app which tackled schools’ excess food waste issues. The team won a visit to the AWS offices in London and heard presentations from leading women within the business.

  • YEAR 9

    During PSHE lessons, students are tasked with investigating the different types of roles available within a sector. With the information they gather on the skills, education, qualifications, and experience required to succeed in their chosen job areas, the students create a group presentation and deliver this to their peers.

    A GCSE Options Evening and Options Fair are run in conjunction with one-to-ones with the Senior Leadership Team and the Careers Advisor to ensure a thorough consideration of all the options and potential implications of subject combinations.

    Attendance at the popular annual Networking Evening is offered to all Year 9s, along with tips on how to approach the speakers and make the most of the event.

  • YEAR 10

    During PSHE lessons, students take part in the exciting 10X Challenge where they start a business with £10. This runs for 4 weeks in the Spring Term, culminating in a sale of their products and develops their business acumen, teamwork and communication skills.

    With the focus on all career paths being equal and breaking down stereotypes, speakers from the alumnae and parent community are invited to talk about their profession during assemblies as part of our Careers events programme. The students gain an insight into different career areas and which subjects might be most beneficial to study, clearly linking careers to the curriculum.

    Attendance at the popular annual Networking Evening is offered to all Year 10s, along with tips on how to approach the speakers and make the most of the event.

  • YEAR 11

    All Year 11s undertake work experience in June, after their GCSEs have finished. Prior to this, they receive PSHE lessons on identifying work experience opportunities, writing CVs and cover letters, behaviour in the workplace and how to make the most of their placement. Whilst the emphasis is on students sourcing their own placements, advice and assistance are available via one-to-one appointments with our Careers Advisor.

    An A Level options evening is run in conjunction with one-to-ones with the Senior Leadership Team and the Careers Advisor to ensure a thorough consideration of all the options and potential implications of subject combinations for course, university, other post-18 options and careers.

    Attendance at the popular annual Networking Evening is offered to all Year 11s, along with tips on how to approach the speakers and make the most of the event.

    Year 11s experience a Sixth Form ‘taster day’ during which they sit in on sample A Level lessons and chat with current students to gain an insight into life as a sixth former.

  • Sixth Form

    Year 12

    All Year 12s undertake work experience in June, to gain experience of the work of work to inform post-18 decisions. For some, gaining work experience is essential for their UCAS personal statement, such as veterinary science, physiotherapy, and medicine.

    Unifrog is utilised in Year 12 as a one-stop-shop for all post-18 options. It includes a wealth of resources, offering psychometric testing and exercises to identify interests, skills, and values, and linking them to related careers and other post-18 options. It is an accessible career management tool, and students are encouraged to capture their activities and skills development on the platform to make CVs, personal statements, and job applications easier to create. Unifrog contains in-depth information on university courses, careers, and other post-18 options such as degree apprenticeships, in the UK and abroad.

    Two UCAS Days are delivered across the academic year, during which students are reminded of the vast range of opportunities open to them and encouraged to explore these. Students are empowered to be ambitious and are supported to make the best possible decisions for themselves. Sessions from the University of Surrey on student life and finance are delivered alongside sessions about personal statements, gap years and degree apprenticeships.

    Beyond Tormead takes place in the Spring term for parents and students, presenting post-18 options such as degree apprenticeships, university, and gap years. The work experience programme is introduced to ensure the parent community is informed and able to support their daughter.

    A Leadership Programme is undertaken in the Spring Term to investigate the qualities and key skills of leaders, which coincides with the allocation of Head Girl Team and other leadership positions.

    Regular Career Conversations mornings with parents and alumnae provides insights into a range of careers and advice for university and beyond in an informal round table setting, accompanied by coffee and croissants.

    Year 13

    Year 13 use Unifrog to identify their top course and university choices. Workshops on student life, finance and personal statements are delivered by the University of Surrey. The students receive extensive support with their personal statements and UCAS forms, with regular one-to-ones and feedback available. Oxbridge candidates take part in an extensive programme of support to ensure they are adequately prepared for the rigorous process.

    Advice on completing applications and mock interviews for degree apprenticeships are delivered via one-to-ones with the Careers Advisor. Practice interviews are also conducted to prepare students for multiple mini-interviews (MMIs) undertaken to gain access to Medical and Veterinary Science degrees.

Careers Resources

The Careers department produce a number of booklets to help students with topics such as writing CVs and cover letters and how to find work experience. These booklets can be downloaded below.

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