Wrap-around Care

Senior School


School is open from 7.30am onwards. Girls should arrive at school between 8.15-8.20am, to allow them time to organise their books for the morning lessons. The first lesson starts at 8.25am and the teacher takes registration at the start of this lesson.

If girls arrive after 8.25am, they must sign-in at the Wellbeing Centre with our Pupil Support Officer. More information on the Wellbeing Centre is below.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is available from 7.45-8.20am in the Atrium dining room, where girls may buy hot chocolate, croissants, etc., for a small charge.

Late Stay 4.10-6.00pm

All girls in the Senior School are welcome to remain in school until 6.00pm, either in their Common Room in the case of the Sixth Form, or in Late Stay for Years 7-11.

Held in two upper floor classrooms from 4.10-6.00pm, Late Stay provides an opportunity for girls to work quietly under the supervision of a member of the teaching staff. It is free of charge and girls may attend for as long or as short a time as they wish, before and/or after extra-curricular activities, either because they cannot be collected at the end of the school day or because they want to complete their homework in school before going home.

Girls must sign in and out with the teacher in charge. To collect your daughter from Late Stay, please contact her directly (preferably via text message – mobile phones are permitted in Late Stay for this reason) to arrange to meet her at the front of the school; alternatively, girls may make their own way home.

Please note that, unless they are participating in a supervised extra-curricular activity, all girls must attend Late Stay if they need to stay at school for any period of time in-between 4.10-6.00pm. We do not provide supervision after 6.00pm, except in the case of a scheduled extra-curricular activity, where the teacher in charge will make arrangements for the girls in his/her care.

Sixth Form girls are permitted to work in their Common Room after school until 6.00pm.

Prep School

Breakfast Club

School is open from 7.30am every day if your daughter wishes to attend Breakfast Club. Our Early Years staff provide a warm welcome and a healthy choice of food is available.

  • The club is bookable in advance only via our Prep School office. (An e-form is sent out in advance each week.)
  • A small charge of £2.50 per day is payable for this service.

After Care

We appreciate that parents cannot always pick up their children at the end of the school day. Supervised After Care is available every day until 6.00pm.

After Care Telephone Number: 01483 796073

  • Girls in Reception and Year 1 who are not picked up at the usual time at the end of the day will, under staff supervision, be escorted to the Prep School library. There is a good supply of activities and games which are appropriate for all age groups. Please supply water and a piece of fruit should you feel it necessary.
  • If a pupil is not picked up from school at the end of the school day, she will automatically go to After Care. If circumstances arise which delay your arrival at the school, please ring the school during the day to alert staff and ask them to inform your daughter. If at all possible, please inform your daughter of an approximate time at which you will pick her up; this will relieve any anxiety she may feel.
  • For siblings of Senior School pupils, we offer a prompt 4.00pm dismissal time from the black gate on Cranley Road.
  • Girls may use After Care if they attend after school clubs or activities which do not start until after the end of their normal school day, e.g. a sports club session starting at 4.30pm. If these clubs take place in the Senior School and start immediately after the school day, the girls will be escorted to their activity by a member of staff.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to supervise girls in the Senior School (across the road) at other times. If an activity takes place in the Senior School, you will need to collect your daughter from the Senior School after the activity.

Homework Club and Sports4Kids After Care Club

All girls staying at school will be supervised by staff until 4.30pm. From 3.40pm to 4.00pm, there will be time for a snack and break.

Homework Club (no charge)
4.00-4.30 pm Homework Club – All girls will complete their set homework while supervised.

Sport4Kids After Care Club (charge will apply)
4.30-6.00pm Sport4Kids After Care Club is an extension of the school day and aimed at supporting working parents. Children are given the choice to enjoy physical and mental wellbeing activities. Every day is different, with sports and fun physical games as well as creative arts and crafts activities to help the girls unwind and relax after a busy day at school.

  • Parents book directly with Sport4Kids and the fee for this club is £10.
  • The club runs from 4.30pm to 6.00pm and parents can collect at a time convenient for them during the session.
  • Children attending are provided with a healthy snack

For more information:
Tel: 0300 303 3866

Overview of Dismissal Times

  • 3.00pm – Reception Dismissal from playground
  • 3.10pm – Year 1 Dismissal from playground
  • 3.40pm – Reception to Year 6 Dismissal from playground (Reception and Year 1 girls will be brought to playground from After Care)
  • 4.00pm – Girls with Senior School siblings
  • 4.30pm – Homework Club Dismissal from the playground
  • 4.30pm – 6:00pm Sports4Kids from the black gate on Cranley Road (collection available throughout the session)

Please note that these are the timings of dismissal. If you are running late, please be reassured that your daughter will be looked after and will automatically be placed into Homework Club and/or Sports4Kids (charge will apply), moving to the next available dismissal time. The Prep school closes at 6.00pm and should you arrive any later fees will be charged.

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