Welcome to Pre-Prep

The pastoral care and wellbeing of the girls is at the heart of Pre-Prep. We believe that happy girls will flourish. The strong, secure relationships that the girls develop enables them to become competent learners who are resilient, capable, independent and self-assured.

The Pre-Prep years are the foundation for your daughter’s future development and learning. We provide an exciting and challenging curriculum enabling the girls to fulfil their true potential. We are dedicated to teaching to the preferred learning style of girls.

We have an experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of staff who are incredibly passionate about the importance of early years education.

Girls are in an environment where they feel safe to express themselves and engage. We provide experimental learning, which is how girls learn best. We focus on developing teamwork, which girls prefer, and we develop a growth mindset from a very young age with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Our Pre-Prep is quite simply buzzing with activity and the joy of learning. The girls are engaged, motivated and keen to share their learning experiences.

The nurturing, happy environment and opportunities given to the girls allows for exceptional learning and development of the whole child.

Girls approach everything with fun and playfulness so we can be spontaneous and creative.